Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well this week was better, not too much happened.
Tuesday- We had a few lessons, and just went around helping people, Wednesday- was awesome we got to go to the temple, which was so needed. I felt the spirit so strong, and I was able to get some answers to my prayers, which was needed. The temple is such a great place and I cannot wait until I can get married in the temple. I was able to hang out with a lot of my friends so that was nice. Thursday- had me teaching a few lessons helping some people and walking forever, but we do that every day. Friday- was sweet we went to one of our baptisms and we were talking with him, and I had found out early that he had broken up with his GF, and so I asked why??? He said that she wanted to do some bad things, and that he wasn't about that life, because he was in the church now, so he broke up with her. He is such a great kid. I give him props for doing that. Life is so crazy and if you don't have the lord on your side it's so much harder. Saturday- was cool we knocked a ton of doors, and really tried to find some new people, then we made a cake for our investigator, which came out really well. Sunday- we had one more baptism, which was sweet, and then after we had a good lunch and we were able to teach a few lessons, which is always a good way to end the week. yeah this week was a lot more calmer... and I liked it a lot.

Mom I love you, I miss you a lot, and I hope that you are doing well!