Sunday, January 25, 2015

As a mom, I love that every once in a while pictures of Dalton pop up on facebook. Thanks to all who take a picture and tag him so that every once in awhile when I open my facebook there is my little missionary smiling.

January 19, 2015

Well this week had me running from one end of my area to the other. This week went by really fast so I don't really remember what happened every day, but I will try to tell some stories. To start I had lunch this week, and when I went to eat the meat... it wasn't meat, it looked like dirt or something orange. So what happens when you don't know something that you eat... yeah you become sick. This week I was really sick, it was like food sickness. yeah I stayed near the bathroom for about 24 hours. This week we were able to teach a lot of people and families which is so much better. Also this week something happened, which was really sad. There is a family here of a mom with 8 kids. she does everything she can to take care of them. She fights every week to go to church and show her kids the way. This week two of her kids asked to go to the beach, and she said yes. Later that night she got a call saying that both of her kids had died. One child was drowning in the water, and the other went out to help and in the end they both died. She was super sad, but in the church she said something that gave me peace. "I know that I can see them again, but now I have to fight 10 times harder to be worthy and to make it back to them." God has given us this plan of salvation, and of happiness, but we have to work our hardest to earn it. This week was a good eye opener. It made me ask question like, What do I want in my life, and how do I use my time? Always remember why you are here, and what you need to do to get back to God. This week was a good week, but went by super, super fast. Have an amazing week.

I love you
January 11, 2015


Well yet again another week has passed. I will have to say that theses weeks seem to be flying. But the experiences of this mission are making this worth it. So where to start, Monday found me in the hospital for my companion. He was bitten by something and had a bad reaction. We were there trying to take care of him, it came to a point that he couldn't walk, so I carried him to our things, how weird would that look, two guys in white shirt and ties, one carrying the other. Tuesday was a slower day so that he could stay off his feet. We had a lesson that was amazing with Clintita, she is 18 years old and has a child who is 4 years, this happens a lot here. Every day I see this and it kills me because they are so young, and not ready. She is ready for the gospel and it can help her a lot. Wednesday I went to Karlas house, she got baptized this weekend, we went over and I made pancakes with maple syrup. Everyone loved it. Thursday we were super busy, we went to this one house, and we were talking with the family, one of the family members said. "I can't wait until church, I am counting down the hours, why can't it be right now." I stopped and thought about that, am I this excited for church? I asked her why she was so excited and she said, "that the feeling that she has when she is at church is one of happiness and joy, she wants to feel the love of Christ". I couldn't believe it. Here I am counting the time for church to end, or not wanting it to come, when I should be wanting church, I should be excited for the small of amount of time that is given each week for church. The question is, are you excited for church and do you go to grow and want to learn and feel the spirit, or do you go because you have to or when you are there do you count the time for it to end? Friday and Saturday I was with the PA and the ZL for the day helping out in other areas. Sunday was amazing I was excited for church and we had another baptism, During the baptism I asked Karla why she was crying, she said "she has never felt so happy in her life for doing the right thing, but was sad because her mom went to the beach instead of coming to watch her daughter get baptized." This made me sad, but in the end she was happy because you became clean as snow, like a new born child without any sin. She followed her savior Jesus Christ and got baptized. This church is so true, it's why I am here to grow and to become a man of god, to share his love with the world.

Elder Homer
January 5, 2015


This week was New Years Eve. It is 2015, wow how time flies fast. Last time I talked with you was last year. (ha, ha ) In Brazil for New Years everyone in our city goes to the beach. No one was in them homes or on the road so the work was a little slow. New Years was super sweet. We went to a members house, we hung out and ate a ton of food. My companion has a problem, with his leg and he really can't walk, so we have been taking it slow so that he won't die. This week was a bit slower, but we are doing good, and I am still learning so much stuff. Hopefully I come back a changed person.

Elder Homer
Deceber 29, 2014


So where to start... this week was the week of Christmas. We hung out a lot with people, and we able to share the true meaning of Christmas with many. It was so great to hear and talk with the family. I have so many stories for when I get back. Life here keeps you on your toes. Just one more year of hard work and I will be home. Everyone keep praying for me. Christmas was really weird because in Brazil everyone stays up until midnight on 24th. Then at midnight they open presents. It is weird because no one goes to sleep untill way late. Christmas day everyone just sleeps and watches movies. Thank you for everything and keep working hard. 2015 is about to start, and now we can make some new goals and try to become better. Have a wonderful new year.
Elder Homer

Sunday, January 11, 2015

December 22, 2014

Hey, where do I start. This week has been so crazy, I have been trying to keep myself together. To start off I got a new companion. He is super sweet and we are already best friends. We are doing some crazy work here. We are helping so many people get ready for baptism and it has been so crazy to see the blessings that are coming. I am seeing the gospel change people’s lives. I am so glad I took two years of my life to serve in Brazil. The church is so true and I wish you could meet all the people that I have helped. I have changed people’s lives, or really the Lord Jesus Christ has changed people’s lives. This gospel is so true and if you want to have peace happiness and joy in your life, than follow Jesus the only perfect man on the earth. So this week a explosion blew up as I walked around a corner. I fell to the ground and got cut up. I lost my hearing for 3 days, it is finally starting to come back. I went to the hospital and all that the doctor said was I would be fine, but it would take another week for my hearing to go back to normal and working 100%. Not much to say, it is almost Christmas. Remember why we have Christmas and enjoy it with the best people, (that is our family). Merry Christmas!

Elder Homer
December 15, 2014

We are one more week closer to the most important day of the year. It is crazy how fast time is going. This week I got word that my comp is going to be the next secretary, so that means I will have a new companion. I will be staying here in Jacareí for another 6 weeks, which will make it over 6 months here. This is cool because I already know the area. Tuesday day we had a zone meeting all day long, so we ended up not doing anything that day. Wednesday was a crazy day. We were running around trying to get some baptisms to happen. Of course it was raining so much, and we were wet the whole day. Thursday we had a normal day just doing the basics. Friday I went on a divisão with Elder Honey. The day was sweet. We met some new people and were able to show people why we have Christmas. Saturday I don’t even remember what happened, I just know it was busy. Sunday was wild helping everyone. We didn’t end up having any batismos but we will have 3 next week, so that is always good. I know it’s not a lot, but there is not much to write, just been busy. I am so tired, I feel like I have some sickness that makes me even more tired. We need remember why we celebrate Christmas, and not lose sight of that in the end. I am learning so much, and am grateful for everything Jesus Christ has done for me, he is everything to me. We need to not lose sight of what is more important, because in the end you won’t be able to bring anything from this world to heaven, so find out what is most important. Look this up it will change your life, and shate it with everyone.
December 8, 2014

Well I love you all so very much.
I had a good week. It was superfast, seems like yesterday I was here sending emails. Tuesday we had a meeting with the zone and then after all the guys went to an all you can eat restaurant... and wow we ate a ton... it’s crazy how much 8 young men can eat haha. Wednesday... yeah I don’t even remember... Thursday was cool, we were able to find some more people to teach and we did a lot of contacts. oh and can I say that it is hot here, it is about 98 every day. I am dying where ever I go. The worse thing is that it is hot at night so I don’t even sleep any more. Friday Elder Freitas was really sick throwing up, I stayed home and took care of him and I cleaned the house. Saturday we had a cool activity at the church with all the new investigators. We did the Tree of life, and how people had to hang on to the iron rod, it was super cool. Sunday we had two more baptism which were amazing. This week was good but passed superfast. We walked a ton, and yeah it’s crazy, I can’t believe how fast time is flying. It was just another week on the mission.

Christmas in 98 degrees

Baptism Day

December 1, 2014

Love you mom and family,
So to start this week, yeah they don’t have Thanksgiving here. The Americans in my house went out and bought ice cream and made some treats, and spent the night talking in English and telling stories, it was super fun. To start the week we had a mission Conference with the president. He changed a lot of the rules, and is cracking down on the lazy missionaries. It is getting crazy. I did learn some cool things. Wednesday we worked hard teaching some people and then that night we brought some investigators to play soccer at the church with some members. We made a team of just missionaries and guess what we won, the most games in a row, no one could beat us, we are too good, it may be because we pass. Thursday we had to climb this same hill 6 times, it is a solid 10 min walk up this hill, or a small mountain. It was crazy Friday was just teaching people, and we should have 4 or more people baptized this week. I am really excited. Saturday we walked 6 hours straight. My legs wanted to fall off. There is nothing worse than walking so much. Sunday was a good day. It was relaxed we had a great lunch and then walked home joking around and having fun. We also had a family night, a ton of people were there. Of course I get picked to leave the message. I came up with something really fast, and it turned out to be the best thing ever. It seems like the all the studying and praying has paid off, because the Lord filled my mouth with the right words to say. We all went to bed early on Sunday because we all worked too hard this week. Yes I am mission the snow and everything there. There is nothing I want more than to be with my familia. Have an amazing week. Love you all.
November 24, 2014
Hey Mom,
So where do I start this week… Tuesday had me giving a talk in Portuguese in front of 100 missionaries. So that was wild, but went well. I am slowly getting off the fear of talking in front of people, it is still a great fear but it’s a start. The rest of the day we worked hard and taught some great lessons. Wednesday was a more relaxing day for me. I was able to see and help out some friends and help them keep the faith. Thursday I was with Elder Freitas, and the day was wild. We meet some people who have a really bad history but maybe we can help them change. One of them has killed some people, and the other is a drug handler.... wow it sounds worse than it was. They seemed like change people, and maybe we can help them find Christ. That night as I was walking home I got hit by a motorcycle. I was left with some deep wounds and burns. It was an accident, it was raining hard, and he slipped going too fast and slipped into me. Friday had me sour, but I kept the energy going. At a lesson, there was dog who attacked my comp so I jumped in front, and the dog ripped my shirt open and cut my arm. S0 we left and of course it was raining and my shirt is ripped opened, just made my day that much better. That night we went to this one family that we are teaching, and at the end the little daughter asked if she could say the prayer. So in her prayers, she said (I love the missionaries, lord let them find more good people ,but let them come to my house more , because I love them and when they are here I feel happy) Here is a 6 year old girl who brought tears to my eyes. The rest of the week was good. Sunday we ate so much food and almost died, because we were so full. One thing I learned is that (a lot of time does not mean forever, it only seems like it.) we need to know that everything hard in our life will pass, and that with time you can become better, and if you want anything in life you have to work for it, and even though it will be hard, it will be worth it. Love you mom, and I miss you more than you know. Keep going strong it is all worth it in the end.

Missionaries who have eaten way to much!

Fun on P-DAY

Our good friends the Kent's sent Dalton Life cereal, he was so excited he took a picture.

Yuck, I think I like where I live.

November 17, 2014
This week was a good week. There is not much to say, but that I was able to help a lot of people. I had the great privilege to give 18 different blessing. This week was not a week of finding new people, it was a week of helping everyone in my path. I was the answer to peoples prayers. I was told that they were about to give up, and throw the bag in, but I showed up with angels behind me. I was given the words to say to help and comfort. I was able to share with people why I am here, and what I find my joy in. This week was a test of testimony and where I stand. On Sunday we were able to hear one of the stake leaders speak. He spoke about us as missionaries, and how we need to have deep roots and strong testimonies, because we are heading into the biggest storm yet. We need to know where we stand and what we believe in. Just always remember that we are sons and daughters of god, and that he loves us, and wants us to be the best we can be. I love you mom.
We went to Sao Paulo and to 25 ge março.. which is like Chinatown in NY, so it was sweet. I also spend the day with my best bud Elder Larson, so yeah it was a wild day.
November 10, 2014

Well this week was really normal... we just worked hard, did a lot of contacts... and had some great lessons. To top it off I was on a divisão on Thursday and Friday with another Elder. This Sunday we had another 2 baptism which were a amazing. We also were able to give a couple blessings this week which was crazy because we saw the miracles happen. This week I learned a lot about who I am, and what I need to be come. But yeah a calmer week, and sorry didn't write much, but have been super busy.

Love you mom

I miss you a ton

foto da zona do templo :)