Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 18, 2015

well, yet another week has come and past, the time is going too fast. I can't believe how fast that it goes. Like always this week has kept me on my toes. I am super tired and I can't wait for it to all end, but the joy that I get out of the mission is unreal. I will not lie when you watch someone that you have been teaching and working with for over a month to help them get baptized, and in my case when you get in the water the happiness that you have is of God. There are no words that can describe it but, pure love of God. The light and power, joy and happiness that you have is over whelming, it's something that you can never forget not matter what. So yes we had a baptism this weekend, which was amazing, and wonderful. This is why I am out here to help people have this joy and happiness. I am tired and sore and the mission is killing me, but that's fine, that's part of it. The things that I see or that happen, only happen on the mission. The mission is a place to become a man, I am so different then I was before. The world is getting worse every day and we need to get stronger, or we will fall, we need to pick where we stand and stand strong, we are only human we bleed when we fall down, we are only human we crash and break down, the words of the world are like knives in our hearts, but don't worry I will build you up when you fall apart. I am here as an angel of the lord

Elder Homer

P.S. This week was carnival which is like 4 days of parties and everything is shut down and everyone parties and gets drunk or goes to the beach. Pretty crazy.

Missionaries on P-DAY
February 9, 2015


Well yet another week has passed on my mission. I still can't believe how fast the mission flies. There is no time to waste, you have to take advantage of every moment. This week was yet another week of being really busy. This mission has me running everywhere. To start the week I was teaching a class of English, and wow it was really hard. I can't believe I am forgetting English, I can still speak somewhat.... haha. It was cool that I was able to teach in Portuguese. This week I taught a ton of people and we had 10 new people in church this week. We are working hard, me and my comp. He's super cool and he knows how to teach. The only thing that happened bad this week, is that my knee has started to hurt a ton. I have to take it a little slower, but I am good and loving life. Take care and if you need anything just ask.

February 2, 2015
Well to tell the truth this week went by so fast that I don't even remember what happened. I will do my best to give you an idea. This week I spent a lot of time with my DL, he is super cool and we get along. We worked a lot in his area, then at the end of the week we were asked to go to a English school and to help out with the students. I was able to teach English and help them understand a little bit more. It was kind of cool because I was able to teach them English in Portuguese. We didn't have a baptism this week but we have a lot of new people who are wanting to get baptized. It is amazing the faith of some of these people, they really amaze me. It makes me want to find more faith. I guess that is why I am out here trying to become better. This week I am really tired, I haven't been sleeping well. This week was super cool, I love you all.

Love Missionaries

Singing in the Rain


English Class

January 26, 2015
Well this week was good, we had transfers, I didn't get moved. I am staying with my comp, and now I have 7 months in one area. It looks like there are still people that I need to help here because the Lord always have a plan for me and the people here. This week was good, we worked hard taught people and had baptisms. We made a cake this week with a member and it came out really good. We had a good week, not too much to say. Have an amazing week. I just want to say that I love you so much and I miss you a ton.
The Oldest Son D1