Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014
Hey Family,

Wow where do I start.... so on Tuesday we didn't have transfers because it was the protesting and the world cup... On Tuesday night at 11:48, we got a call saying that we were having transfer the next day. Everyone started packing besides me, I am staying. The next day I got my comp. He's a brazilin and he doesn't speak a word a English.... so yeah wild card.. we went back to our house and unpacked cleaned and talked a little bit, about what's going on and our likes and dislikes. Then he cleaned the whole house... like a crazy man. He loves a clean house and loves keeping everything super organized.... so that's cool, they say he is the only elder who is like this. It's kind of cool, and nice to have someone as clean as me. The next day we did contacts and worked hard, but nothing happened. Let me say I am doing all the talking, when he wants a candy or anything he makes me do the talking. He doesn't like to talk with people that he doesn't really know, so yeah over night I am doing all the talking. I do all the street contacts. Saturday we were walking past a candy apple stand and the person was like elders, I am a member in another ward, here have theses candy apples, keep up the good work. Wow let me tell you they were amazing, so good. Sunday came and I thought Sunday was a day of rest, well I learned that it is not. The whole ward wanted to talk with me, I was talking to all our investigators, I had some youth need something from me, all the sisters in the ward needed me, wow it was crazy. I had to go to meetings after... and this is the first Sunday with my new comp and speaking Portuguese. People were like (you speak) and wow everyone had something to say to me. Then I want to lunch, and after we went home I was so tired, I couldn't move.... and my brain was dying, it was crazy. The lord likes to challenge us.... I can say that I am a missionary in brazil, and if I want a batismo, then I have to go get it. I am asking please, please, pray for me, and for the gift of tongues, because I need all the help I can get. The whole world is on my shoulders and I am trying to be strong, but I need some help so please, please, pray for me.

Dawson- It's so hard, but I love every min. Can you see me speaking a new language because I can't. We talk with so many people and have lessons and all the good stuff. It's crazy, good luck at camp and tell everyone Hi for me...

Duncan- so I hear you are getting good at basketball... I am proud of you. Get ready for volleyball because you need to win states. I can't wait until it starts and I get those emails. The volleyball that mom sent me I am using every day in the morning. I am getting some pretty soft hands, guess will have to see who has softer hands after!!!! love you

Declan-Hey buddy how's life? I am glad that you are having fun with everything. Make sure you push hard until the end of school. oh and I am in Mosiah right now. The lord helps the people out of slavery, by putting a deep sleep on the bad guys, and then the people get away....it teaches us that the lord can do anything, and that we need to always have faith in him.

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  1. We are enjoying hearing all of Dalton's adventures on his mission. He sounds great! Good job, Dalton