Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 26, 2014
This week has been crazy. Monday on our way to lunch, we saw a live car chase, with like a dozen cars. It was wild. They were flying up and down the street sliding and bumping into stuff... it was so cool to see, like a sports car racing in the movies. That was exciting, but then after lunch we got a call and it said that we needed to head home now because Brazil was going into a protest about the world cup... and that it wasn't safe for us to be out. We went home, and we had to stay in the house the whole next day. This means we couldn't go see Russell M Nelson. We heard that, cars were flipped, busses burned, like wow that's crazy. A full day wasted on the lords time..... yeah so sad. Wednesday was slow and we just did contacts, the same on Friday. I got a hair cut that was really cool, it's always nice to have a new look. On Saturday we went to dinner and some members, with investigators and I had chicken heart, and something else that I really don't know, which is probably a good thing. Sunday was normal, been super busy trying to be a better missionary.

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