Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hey Family,

To start this week we only had one lesson, so that means we hit the streets and do contacts until 830ish.... and let me tell you when you do contacts for 6, or 7 hours you start losing the energy. Especially when nothing comes out of it. On Tuesday we met this women who seemed like she wanted to hear our message... she came up to us and asked some questions and it was going really good.... and then it turned into a small biblebash... and yeah she just wanted to fight with us... I did pretty good showing scriptures that I remember from seminary and my studies...I held my ground, but she wasn't going to be convinced, and my companion was getting really frustrated, so I stopped, gave her a Book of Mormon and said we had to go... So quarta we had a lesson with this rich old dude... he loves us and he loves the tab choir, so we were teaching and all was going well and then he said this "I thought God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are all one person"..... I just stopped and smashed my Book of Mormon in my face..... wow, what did the other elders teach you... yeah so that was a fun night. Thursday was good, I found a really cool tie on the ground. The next day we had a meeting with the president about, the world cup, so we are not allowed to do any work on the days of the Brazil games, because the whole world here will be drunk so we need to be safe. He said we can go to members houses and watch the games, but be careful, so that is something new. Later that night we had an appointment with a person, we went over and they didn't open up the door. I called and she was like who is it, and I was like "hey, it's the elders" and she was like "yeah don't ever came back", and hung up, yeah that was nice.... my comp had died at this point, I went up to this person... and I know it was the gift of the Holy Ghost, I spoke with this guys in perfect portuguese with no accent. I asked were we could get a bus, and I talked with him, I said words I didn't know but they worked... wow that was a gift. The next day church was normal. It has been a hard and trying week, I have learned a lot... and I love to read the scriptures, the bible, and the missionary books. I can't put any of them down, I wish I had more time to study. It is crazy how much time I wasted in my youth. I could have learned so much, I am reading so much every day, and my testimony is growing. This church is so true, I see miracles every day. I learned to speak Portuguese in 4 months. I can teach people about the gospel in their own language and bring them closer to Christ. Our mission is to bring souls unto Christ, and if we just bring one how happy we will be. This mission I have saved myself, I have brought myself closer to Christ. I have never felt his love like this before. This church is so true, the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the words of God together. I know my purpose on this earth, I know where I want to go, and I know how to get there. This church is the true and everlasting church on the earth today. "Choose ye this day who you will serve, but as for me and my house we will serve the lord."

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