Thursday, April 24, 2014



Hey family, this week has yet been a crazy one....

So to start with Monday until quarta..... I was really sick, like sick, sick. I couldn't move or do much.. but you don't stay home you keep working. I don't remember much of those days... haha, so this week we picked up 4 new investigators, and let me tell you we have 3 golden investigators. They are amazing, one of them Lucas is a boss, love the kid. He is getting batismo on the 13th, I am so excited. Transfers are next week.... wow time has flow I have already been in brazil for over 1 month, it is crazy. Our goal as a companionship is to do service for people. One of the best ways is pushing cars.... most people have standers so we just give them a push for a jump start.... well on sabado we were walking when we saw a car down, so we walked over and asked if they needed help, and they did so we said we would push them... well they didn't know how to jump the car, and my comp doesn't know how to drive standard, so I drove a car. I jumped it and drove to the side..... makes me really miss driving, haha. On quinta we had two lessons one after another, so of course we run late on the first one so we had to leave and run..... it was funny two white guys running in white shirts and ties back packs down the streets of Sao Paulo.... but we made it on time... out of breath of course. We went to the stake center and watched conference... and well I watched it in Portuguese so I really didn't understand much.... we watched some in English on sabado, but over all... I kinda of just sat there... haha, but it happens I heard it was really good, so I will read them online when I get chance. I am loving it here, I am being humbled every day, but I am making memories that will last forever.

Eu ti love Família,.. I love you guys so much if there is anything you guys need or want I will do what I can. Stay strong and work hard, this work is true the evangelho is true, I know that Jesus Cristo is my Salvador, love you and take care.

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