Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family, I love you guys all, and it's so good to hear you. I will do my best to answer all your questions with the little time I have. Mother, I did get the usb thing, so I will send you guys photos all the time. Where do I start, well I am tired 24 7 like I want to sleep where ever I am. But I keeping pushing myself to learn more. This week we also had to give service, at 6 am and let me tell me, it's no fun, like it's killing me that I am so tired. But life here has been amazing, it's funny so one of the elders in my district gets letters every day from his mom off dear elder, and they are so funny, and then other elder gets packages all the time. also ways full of treats, so we all dig in. But surprising I am now getting in shape, we work out every day and the food here is amazing, my six pack is all ready coming back in. Though, I guess that is not why I am here haha. We play volleyball, basketball, and hit the weight room every day, even though we only have an hour we get a lot done. We are in class for 10 hours in the day, different teachers are coming in all the time, and they are trying to teach us... but wow is this hard. I am getting a little frustrated, but I guess that it is my fault. It's amazing how much I have already learned. I just need to relax and keep moving on. We now have two investigators we are teaching.... one of them doesn't believe in god.... and well that makes it hard. haha Also being District President, I have so much paper work to fill out. It feels like another calling, but I just keep moving on. BIG NEWS, so I checked the status of my visa and it said that it is ready for pick up. They said it should be here in a week or so, so I am very excited and it gives me hope that I will make it to Brazil. I can't believe it's only been a week, it feels like it's been a month. Time here is all a blur, haha So mother-, can you maybe send me a sweatshirt, or something. I love you so much, Duncan- remember to work hard and to choose the right. I know trying to learn a new language is like impossible, but keep up the good work. Also be careful about the girls, they can be fun but try to save your money, and keep working hard in basketball I want you to be starting soon. Dawson- so keep up the good work. I want to hear the great news when you win all your track meets. oh and the chocolate milk is amazing..... like god like, I have like three glasses for every meal haha. Declan- so i haven't got your letter yet..... sorry hopefully it will come soon. and it sounds like your having an amazing time, your teacher for pe is right, you are becoming a very good volleyball player, just keep working on it, I want to hear that you made the team next year. That's cool that mom took you to the play, thank her a lot, and some of the food here is better than moms..... but not all of it. like I told Dawson the chocolate milk is amazing...... god like. I don't think I could get enough. Dad- yeah that's what I thought, but I was told, that they knew a head of time and they felt like I didn't need a companion so maybe it was meant to be that way., and thanks for everything, the work here is far harder then I thought it was going to be. But I am doing it slowly, trying to learn Portuguese has been the hardest thing for me. I will keep up the good work, and I will make sure to learn all that I can, I know that I have already learned more about the gospel then I have learned in my years at home. so many great teachers. oh and for who every asked how many apostles have come.... a lot we have devotionals twice a week, plus the ones on Sunday, and the story's they share are unreal. I love it here but at the same time, I want to just sleep. But I really am enjoying myself.
Dalton was the second one to arrive at the MTC, this is the MTC Mission President meeting him.
A trip to the Provo, Utah Temple, nice that it is right across the street from the MTC

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