Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 3 This week stared out really long. We had to learn so much and memorize so much....... I was getting a little frustrated because it was coming slow. Later I got a major headache and I was dying. So my zone leader gave me this chill pill, to relax me... and it was good at first, it got me to go to bed super fast... but then when I woke up...... wow I was dying, the world was spinning I couldn't walk straight hahah. Lets just say I will never be taken a chill pill from another elder again hahah. We had a devotional on Sunday and the speaker got up and was like, so tonight is the Super Bowl... and I was like what! time has all ready moved that fast. I am so out of the world. I know of nothing that's going, with sports or news or any thing, I guess that's a good thing. Later that Sunday we saw the Joseph Smith video in Portuguese and well, I didn't understand to much, but it was really cool. So this week our district is trying to get closer so we wear the same color ties together. Mondays- red Tuesdays Blue- ect. But one day we decided to go short ties..... they were so funny, and as we were walking around many people started to do them, then later that night there was an announcement thats said we were not allowed to do that any more...... hahah they might put it in the white handbook now. we started a trend!! So every day at gym, I will work out then run then play some volleyball...... oh my am I getting good again. I keep hitting it harder and harder, so much fun. Our teacher this week says that all the people down there are ready to hear the Gospel and all we are doing is showing them the light. So Friday we had are first English fast. It is were we don't speak English at all that day and only Portuguese and well lets just say i didn't speak much haha. So this Friday we had TRC which is when members from Utah that want to hear a message come and we try to help them with there problems. So our fist guy, was like 28 and he spoke very fast in Portuguese, and well he told a story about his wife that he love so dearly and what my companions got out of it that she died last year and he was hurting a lot. so Elder Peterson shared with him Ether 12:27, then he asked how do you feel. he looked at us with tears in his eyes... and he paused. at that time i felt the spirit so strongly... the warmth and love.... I have never felt that in a long time, but right there not really knowing what he said I felt the spirit speak the truth to me!!! that was a night to remember, but then it got even better. We had a lesson from brother Pinho and he started by asking "what has god done for me" He then played "If you could Hie to Kolob" and we wrote all that we are blessed to have... wow did this open my eyes I took so much for granted. HE then said to close your eyes and ponder about what he's given us.... HE played "Real Image of Christ- Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", I felt the Lords love. I sat there feeling the warmth's the joy the happiness the peace from the Lord. I had the Holy Ghost with me. That experience I can never deny because the spirit was so strong in the room, I cried. He then let us leave the room to go say a prayer of thanks. We all bore our testimony's and then wrote down all that we felt... and wow I have never felt the spirit that strong before. I know this is true and I know this is where I am supposed to be!! Mom dad and famliy I love you all so much, I miss you, but I know that the lord is blessing you more then we know because I am out here.

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