Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 5..... Well it's been 5 weeks in the MTC. It's been crazy, we are all learning so much. This week we got some new B's or elders, they seem pretty cool. They are all super athletic, so it makes gym time so much better. This week we had the chocolate milk challenge. It is... whoever drinks the most glasses of chocolate milk without puking. I put down 6 large classes... (keep in mind 7 glasses is like half a gallon) and we have like 25 min to do this, so I drank 6.... and wow I was in so much pain. I couldn't move for the next hour with the fear of throwing up. My companion he drank 8.... and was doing good, but then like 10 min later he ran to the bathroom.... and well let's just say all of it came right back out. So the record stands at 6.... it was nasty, I almost died. ..... then the next big news is I got my assignment, I will be going to Atlanta GA. If you think about it, it is not that bad....... but when I get there I hop on a plane and I am going to Sao Paulo Brazil...... I got my visa and will be leaving March 03 and will be heading to Brazil....... oh my goodness I am soooo pumped. I got my visa just in time. I have 9 days left here, and then I am gone. Gone for two years, and I am soooooo pumped... It is super scary though, because I don't know any Portuguese.. well I know a little but right when I get there I will be teaching,.,.,,, and well it's sooo crazy. Anyways that is my amazing news this week. Hey so your cousin Julie Mckay sent food and stuff, and it was really nice, tell her thank you because it didn't come with her address. It is crazy, I love it here and I am going to miss so many people. I already have learned so much and now I am really going to be a missionary!!!!!!! Hopefully I will grow 4 inches, any ways love you guys Elder Homer "Represent Him Well"
Hey mom, this is my soccer look
This is the tallest guy I have met here, he is 6'9.5. He is sooo tall. I drew this picture with the help of a friend.

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