Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey, so this is my last email.... it's crazy to think that I am going to be in Brazil, in like a few days.... like 2. I am super calm about going to Brazil...... but when it comes to the Portuguese..... oh crap, I am so not ready. We have been working so hard trying to get so much done...... but it's just not enough of time... I need more time, so about this week, not much happened just class every day, and trying to learn so much. I am so glad I had the teachers I had, they have all been super cool, and so spiritual. Last night we said good bye to one of them... we all traded ties and had our last good byes.... his last words were. (work, Work, WORK) and then he left. He was a super cool guy. We say good bye to our other teacher today.... kinda really sad. So one of the elders in my district got his reassignment, and he is going to the Provo, Utah mission...... he got a letter that says walk your stuff down the street and we will have someone pick you up,.... he will do good there. This week I have been sleeping very weird, its probs just because I am heading to Brazil. Um we have been getting all the last minute stuff done so that we are ready, and today we have to pack all of our stuff.... which is going to be so much haha. We also had are last gym on Thursday, which was super sad, we have met soooo many cool elders and saying good bye is already hard, but hopefully I will see them all after my mission. Friday we had in field orientation, which was super cool. They pretty much told us to work hard, and to talk to everyone and to have fun, by being yourself. So yeah, that is my week and now I head to Brazil!!!

Mom- Hey so I did get the package, the ties are awesome, I love the colors, good thing you let the boys pick them out. It sounds like you guys have been busy. That is cool that you are now having different jobs at work. I can tell you that I am busy 24/7.... they have us on a 16 working hour day..... without breaks its killing me, but I think I can, make it. will see. This first week I already know that I will be crying. We will see how long I last, I love you so much and I am keeping you in my prayers thanks

Dad- hey sounds like work is keeping you busy, we got a chance to see the plans for the 2nd Provo temple... and wow let me tell you how beautiful it is going to be.. when you get a chance I would love to see some pics from your work, and of course of any cool jeeps you see. Sounds like you have the talk all figured out, we as a class talked about that.... and wow Jesus, could have walked off the cross, and no one could have stopped him, he had the power to do anything, but he chose to stay. When we were reading this part stood out to me. it says "he let his spirit go". as in he forced his spirit to be taken away from him, because on the cross he wouldn't have really died because he was a god, but he let his spirit go... he let himself die, just for us. that is more love then any one can show. he let himself die for us. I never knew all this stuff, I keep reading it over and over. He could have said no, but he walked to his death "lamb to the slaughter" he gave up his soul, his spirit. his love for us is eternal. The saddest part was at the last moment before he did, even god left him. he was left alone to die by himself, without any ones help. he is a true "Salvador" which is Savior. makes me cry every time.


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