Thursday, March 13, 2014

I can tell by Spencer's smile he is happy to see someone from home!
Perhaps Dalton is thinking he is far from home....Anyway, it's great to
see he really is there.

Elder Homer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was in the letter sent by Elder Buhler serving in the same mission as Dalton from our stake. I can imagine being so far from home how nice it is when we can see people we know and a little bit of home. It gives me comfort knowing what quick growth and learning comes to these young men as they are serving the Lord.

"An interesting thing about learning the language is the amount that I know now, I feel like I have always known. I know that I have learned a lot, but I don´t feel like that much has changed. I still feel like I just left the CTM. Speaking of which, I did see and had the opportunity to speak with Elder Homer at the Mission Conference. I felt bad for him because it was an awesome conference and he couldn´t understand hardly any of it. I guess that helps show the contrast of how much I have learned, because I remember that I didn´t understand that much at the Christmas conference that I attended soon after leaving the CTM.

Anyway, it is awesome that Elder Homer got his visa.

His trainer, Elder Hill, was in my zone during my first transfer in the field and is a good missionary. Elder Homer will have a lot of fun with him and learn a lot, too."

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