Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 10, 2014 Week one in brazil.
Well so much has been going on. I will start by saying I am sorry for the spelling, because all the computer wants to do is type in Portuguese, so it doesn't like it at all. This week has been very hot... like 80's and it rained a few days. Mission life is so wired, we get up work out, and then do all of our studying. Then we hit the road, and I mean we hit the road. We are walking like 10 or more miles a day.... or taken busses everywhere. We taught like 6 lessons this week, and this coming Sunday we are going to have 3 batismo, and a wedding.... it is going to be such a cool party. When I first got here, every only talks Portuguese... so yeah I am totally lost.. it is like what I learned in the mtc (missionary training center) was noting. But one of the lessons, I told my testimony and said the fist vision... and wow was the spirit strong. This investigator, has been looking in to the church for a long time, 4 transfers, and right after I said my stuff, she looked at me and said that she wanted to be batismo. Like wow wild card... and super spiritual. We have had some amazing lessons. There is no other place I would rather be. Living here has been very humbling, our house is nasty, it's like living in a third world country. There are cockroaches everywhere in the house... and if you wear bare feet in the house you will get a worm...... nice. We have to do the wash by hand... makes me miss America a lot haha. So one of the days it was raining all day and we still go out and walk.... and I mean we were soaked from head to toe... haha so every day we have lunch, out in brazil, the main meal in lunch so we get feed like every day, which is really nice but all we eat is rice beans meat..... thats it. It's ok I guess. Church was awesome. Everyone want to talk with us, the kids love us, and they all come to us to hang out, the people here love us, and they are sooo nice. That also goes for most of brazil, they are always staring at us. We are white and American... haha it's really funny. I love it here, it will be a long and hard two years but it will be fun. My trainer is so cool, Elder Hill. He is just like me and he keeps me on my toes. He is also super spiritual, just love him... It's great to have him as my first companion.

So family seems like you have been keeping busy like always.. so first I brought way to much stuff.... like way too much. Oh well it's also so hot, and so sunny like I am going to burn all day. Keep up all the good work, I love hearing from you guys. miss you a ton. I won't be speaking much I am told until two transfers.... so I have a lot to learn.

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  1. It is so great to hear how Dalton is doing! Wonderful that he got his Visa and headed to Brazil. The adventure of a lifetime begins! We will be following his blog. Thanks for doing this, Gretchen!