Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hey, Family

Week 2
I have been so busy so forgive me for taking so long to respond. It has been a crazy week like always, so much to do, and never enough time. Also Portuguese is harder than ever.... like all it comes down to is time, I practice so much every day. but still not much progress. It takes the full 6th mouths to learn it, so I will be waiting it out with a lot of hard work. The food here is very good. The only thing is, whenever we go over to lunch, they make us eat like 4-6 plates full..... I am dying, because after you eat you are just so full, and all you want to do is sleep. This week we went and tried to do as many contacts as possible.. so talking to people on the streets. There is no knocking doors, because there are gates everywhere, you have to clap for them to hear you. We talked to over 25 new people every day.... and wow some people are sooo rude, like they walked away, or yelled at us. There were a lot of nice people who will listen and be like "na, I am good with my church". oh and then a lot of people will be like yes I would love to hear and then give you a fake address and number.... haha it happens 90% of the time.. also we walk a ton and in the rain and in the sun. The other day we were walking to lunch and it just dumped water on us.... and everything got wet. but that happens haha. Sadly a lot of lessons fall through because no one is ever home. So a funny story this Sunday we went to church and one of the new members was supposed to give a talk, but they had forgotten. The bishop came up to me and said. Hey Homer can you give a talk....... I couldn't say no, so I gave like a 10 min talk in Portuguese..... it was not great, but I did make the whole ward laugh because every word that I was saying was wrong. and yeah, longest 10 min of my life. This weekend we have one firm for batismo and two talves.... (maybe) so hopefully 3!!! Life here is good, it has been very busy, always moving, and learning so much. I love you guys. I have never had so much fun reading the scriptures and trying to find's full of so much information. Also the 4 missionary books True to the Faith, Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage: A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Our Search for Hapiness are amazing. Have the boys read them, or maybe in a little bit because they are hard reads. Love you all, keep up the work.

Eu ti ama (I love you)
A little Portuguese for you all
Your son Elder Homer

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