Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 6, 2014

So where do I start, this week was a crazy one. Let's start with Tuesday which had me on a divisão. I was with elder Freitas, we taught 4 lessons and got 2 people ready for batismo, which was so cool. At night we went to this new familia and we taught "The Plan of Salvation, and how we can all be together with are famílias forever. The família started to cry, and the dad was asking what he can do to have this joy, to be able to always be with his familia. He told us the story about how he lost a son, his only son in a car accident and he would do anything to be with him again. Wow this grown man was crying and the best part of that night was that I could tell him that he could see his son again. Wow it made me cry. This gospel is so true. Wednesday had me getting up at 3 in the morning throwing up, yes I was sick and it was bad. I was little dying, I didn't leave the house. I slept and cried because I was in so much pain. My comp gave me a blessing and just stayed home with me. I found out it was the lunch we had the other day, the irma isn't the richest, so it was a normal lunch, and well it wasn't cooked all the way, and I felt like I died from it. Thursday I was still sick and dying, but I had to work, we had so many people to help. That whole day I was walking around and wanting to die. It was rough. I lost like 10 pounds this week because I couldn't eat anything. Friday I was with elder Honey, and we were working when we got a call from are ZL saying that they wanted to do another divisão with me, so off I went, I didn't have any extra cloth or anything. I was there Saturday, which was good. We were able to give some people some blessings, teach a few lessons, and I found out that there were a few familias that wanted to see me. I went and I did my best to take care of all their needs. Then it was General Conference.... I got all my investigators rides, but I forgot my own. I had to walk like 40 min to go watch it. It was amazing. I know without a doubt that we have a profeta and 12 apóstolos who receber revelação and help us follow Jesus Christ. Wow the talks were amazing, and I have to say I think the coolest part was that I understood what they were saying. That night we had a familia night and I made cookies, which were a success and everyone loved them. Then Sunday was cool because in Brazil everyone has to vote for the president, it's the law here. I went with my comp to go vote, I almost had to vote, someone grabbed me and put me in a booth to vote. Luckily my comp. saved me. We then watched more General Conference. That was my week. It has been over 5 days since I have been in my own house, and the ZL are sending me to go help another area, so it looks like I am not going home yet. Have an amazing week.


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