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Sept. 29, 2014

September 29, 2014
Hey familia, Wow this week had me running.

Tuesday we had transfers... and well I stayed, which is sweet. We are having so much fun in the house, and we are getting the Lords work done, and bring people to know the truth. I can't believe it is all real, that I am on a mission and everything. Monday was so much fun, wow it was crazy. I was with one elder Larson, he is my brother. We are going to college together, we do everything together. We have had some heart to hearts on the bus, it was some of the most spiritual things that I have felt. We talk about everything. Wednesday had me with Elder Souza and we did some contacts and checked up on some members. We also were able to firm up another batismo for this weekend. I had to use all my powers to get this one done. Thursday I was with Elder Honey, we taught some familias, they were super cool. Everyone is so surprised to find out why we are here, and they believe us so much more. We were teaching this one familia and we asked the dad if he would go to church, he was like "you know what, I think I will, I really want to know if this church is true" It was pretty amazing. Friday I was still with Honey and we were walking down this street when I looked at him and was like "dude, we need to go knock on that door right there." He was like, "it's 9, no one will want to hear us." I went and said "you don't have to say anything, I will do all the talking." He was like "I bet you $20.00 that nothing will come out of it." I went up and knocked, at first no one came, and then a mother came out and she had some tears in her eyes, and asked who we were. That is when I asked her, who do you think we are? She stopped crying and said I see angels standing with you, and I know that you are from God. She let us in and I have never taught a lesson with so much power and speaking perfect Portuguese. She said 8 years ago missionaries had taught her, but she wanted nothing to do with them. Today she wanted to be saved. That was a crazy night and to top it off I won $20.00. Saturday we had some things in the morning and then a wedding that night. Wow the wedding was perfect, If I haven't told you, we have been working with this familia for 2 months. We finally got them married and then they will be baptized next week. We are bringing familias together forever. This work is so true, there is still love out there and if you stay firm in the church it can last forever. That is what I want. I want to get married and be with my wife forever. Sunday we had a busy day, getting 18 people to church and having two baptismos. It was so worth the work. When we went home we had 12 elders in our house. we even had a fight night. I came in second to Elder Larson, just because he is a jacked dude. I did beat all the Brazil Elders, who do fighting classes. I now have a lot of respect, no one knew what I could do. Today we will have a p-day with the zone, so it should be fun.
Proof of the hard work and lots of walking these elder do!


Always having a little fun
Baptismo de Robert

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