Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 13, 2014

So this week was really cool. We had a lot of things happen. Tuesday had me with Elder Honey. We went to lunch to a recent
baptism which was so cool, they are the best members that I have meet. They are this older couple, that was lost and sad because they lost their kids in a car accident, but with this gospel they have had a change of heart, and are really happy. They are going to go to the temple to do baptism for their kids.
Then we went to PQ mai lua... which is a really dangerous place. We had to be careful, but we were able to teach and few lessons. As we were walking home we were chased by two men, in masks, we had to run to a place and hide. My heart has never beat that fast. Wednesday my comp went with some other elder to são paulo, they were going to the offices but never showed up. My comp was lost and everyone was calling me looking for them. I spent all Thursday looking for them in the city. They finally showed up at the office and had ended up staying at a members house. The president was mad and they got into trouble, but we all got home fine. Wow that was a scary few days, I thought I had lost my comp. Friday we had a normal day, taught some people and just tried to have a normal day. That night we went to cap-u-wada which is this fighting class. You do flips and it is so cool. We have two men in that class that got baptized on Sunday. Saturday- we just got things ready for Sunday, and then it was a day more of a slow day for us. This week has been super long. We had dinner with an investigator, the food was so good, I am going to come back fat. Sunday we had 3 baptisms which were men. It was so cool, so many people came to watched. It was a good day then we went to lunch and stayed there and talked and just had fun.
Then we came home and the ZL's came to our house, because everyone likes hanging out with us, because I like to do things on p-day. I think we are going to the waterfalls today. Anyway, this week was good. I am tired and really just want to sleep.
Love you mom, hope all is well.

Half of our Zone

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