Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well where to start... this week felt like everything is trying to beat me down. Tuesday we went to this investigators house, and first, she lives very, very far away, we had to walk 1 hour and 30 min to get there. When we got there she said she didn't want to come out and she told us to go. well really to (Hell) and said we are men of the devil. That started my day. We then we walked to a investigator, that we have not been to in a few weeks. When we got there she let us in and had some crazy news, she has cancer. She is going to have to cut all of her hair off, and she doesn't have any money. I was crushed for her. We had to walk home, and of course on the way home it started to rain. We got wet, and every time a car passed it splashed more water on us. Wednesday we did contacts, well I have never had some doors slammed in my face and people tell me to go back where I came from, and the swearing... yeah it was a long day. We did find one person who said we could go back so that should be cool. Thursday we went to are investigators who went to church to find out that, well they loved the gospel and us, but didn't like the church. They didn't like this one member and they got into a fight. She said she won't be coming to church any more, and that if this is a church of god then they shouldn't be like that. So yeah, killed me again. We also passed by the house of Silvana who has cancer and checked up on her, and she's even more sad. My heart is breaking and of course we had to walk home. Friday started ok, we were doing some contacts when we met this family which was super cool. We were talking with them when a drunk came up and shook all of our hands, but the girl wouldn't take his hand. So I grabbed him and pulled him aside and started to talk with him walking away. He grabbed my named tag, I made a fast move, and got it back, which made him mad. So he punched me, wow that hurt. I stood there like I couldn't believe it, then he punched me again. I started to get mad, but then I stopped and started to walk away. He didn't like that so he ran at me and I just moved over really fast and he tried to stop. He fell down hard and I just walked away and didn't even look back as the tears started to come falling down my face. This work is breaking my body. Saturday we had an open house, for this new church in the other area, so we all went there and did contacts and got people to go visit. As we headed home we passed by a house that we did a contact with and we taught the restoration. Wow, it was amazing, they are an amazing family, and are so ready for the church. That night ended well, but wow my body hurts and I am so sore. Sunday we went to church and were supposed to have 4 baptism, but 3 of them never showed up, and most of our investigators didn't show up. I wanted to cry, all of our hard work, and it's all falling through. It is as if god is testing me, because I don't know what I did wrong for this to happen. This week has been so hard to take. Everyone has just been telling me bad news, I am tired, I am sore, and I am worn out. This week has been my worse week without a question, but I can't give up because there is so much truth in this work. If I didn't know that this church was true, then I would go home, this is too hard if you don't know it is true or not. This church is the true church of Christ. If you want joy and happiness in your life then you need to follow it. This path is not for the weak, you need to decide where you stand, because you can't have one foot on the line and you can't serve two masters, so pick and don't worry I am always here to help, but you need to ask God if these things are true through prayer, and then the angels of God will be on your side.

Elder Homer

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