Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hey mom, so yeah life has been a crazy one, this week had me on my toes, and yeah it was hitting a wall. Tuesday we had emergency transfers. My comp was sent to the other side of the mission. I got a new comp. Elder Hong. He is an American from Idaho. What can I say about him, he is a perfect rule follower. He is my fist comp that has gotten up at 6:30 and does everything to the T.
Tuesday I was able to hang out with Larson, which was super cool. I went to his area and we did some work there and had lunch. Wednesday was a day full of surprises. We went to lunch at a investigators, and we talked with the mom after, She asked if she could talk with us alone. We were like sure, then she told us her life story. She has had a really rough life, and to top it off she sniffs cocaine every day. and she told us she wanted to stop, but she didn't know how to. We told her if you have faith in Jesus then we can help. We helped her get rid of her drugs and then we left her with some goals. Thursday we had interviews with the Mission President. They were cool, he wanted to get to know each of us. He also talked about himself and some of his new ideas. He is going to change a lot and he said he wanted to clean the missions. If you don't want change for the better than you are going home. This will be a different mission really fast. My comp does not like to spend a lot of money so we don't take buss' anymore. We walk everywhere so Friday we walked 1.5 hours to a lesson and then 2 more hours to get somewhere else in the hot sun. To top is off that night we found out that we had hit a record heat for the season of 112. It was hot, I wanted to die. They said that it is only going to get hotter. Saturday I was with Elder Freitas and we went to meet with Evandro. This guy is the coolest person that I have baptized yet. He is 30, has a super cool daughter and a really cool house. We are teaching his daughter right now, but after the lesson he was teaching us how to do back flips and all sorts of tricks. This guy is strong and likes showing off. He does it well, and we have so much fun. He does Kap-o-wada, which is this dance fighting thing. We are learning it, so cool. Sunday we had two more baptisms, and are planning three more next week. We are doing work, the Lord's work. The field is white and ready to harvest. Sunday was fun, but every night gets hotter and hotter. I am not sure I am going to make it.
I love you and send pictures.

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