Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 16, 2014

This week was very busy. On Tuesday we were doing contacts and found a really big park. We walked around and talked to people and it was just a beautiful day. I loved it, it was nice to have a warm day, it's been raining a ton. The next day we just did contacts and yeah nothing came out of it, but that is all part of it. The next day was the big game of Brazil.... and the whole world was crazy. The sky was full of fireworks, the streets full of people, yelling and blowing horns, and there are flags everywhere. It was crazy. We had to get to a members house to watch the game, so we went to metro tatuape to find a bus, when we got on there, a ton of people were there, and more keep coming. Then all of sudden the bus driver got on the bus really fast, and took off, and in the back ground we could hear shooting. One of the members called us and said get away from the metro because they just shut it down. There was a protest that was going on and the cops where shooting the people with sand bags and rubber bullets. to try to keep them back. We got to the members house safely and watched the game... which was amazing. Every time brazil got a goal they who world light up the sky with fireworks and noise... it was crazy. The next day we had a miracle, we decided to go knock houses... but here you clap, and I wanted to keep count on how many houses we passed. so at the 247th house, I was talking with this guy and asked if we could share a message with him, and he said yes.... but in my brain I thought it would be no again... so I said thank you and started to walk away.. when my comp grab me and said dude lets go in... and I was like what.. so we were able to teach this family and they loved the message. It was so special... it was a miracle. On Sunday my comp talking with another elder on the phone outside, so I was left to take care of the church stuff, I did my best, I planed a bunch of things and talked to everyone I could... and then this member, or who I thought was a member came up to me, and asked if she could get baptized and if I would do it, I was like um yes. She has already has been taught most of the lessons, and she wants to get baptized this Sunday. This is a miracle for me. This week has been a long one, with lots of work. We have an activity with the zone, so that will be fun. I love you family

Amazing Parks

Zone Activity

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