Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey family this week has been a crazy one..... and a long one.

Tuesday was the game of Brazil and well it was crazy. The whole world here was so pumped, and after even though they tied, they partied like crazy. I swear they use the world cup as a reason to drink more. Wednesday we didn't do much a lot of walking and no one to talk to because everyone is hung over and not on the road. Thursday we had 4 lessons to teach. Wow, did we not have enough time to teach them all, but we were blessed and I swear the clocked stopped so we could make it in time for our appointments. We went to this one house and the guy is a piano player, and he played for us. oh, wow, was he amazing. I have never heard such soft music. I really want to learn how to play the piano one day. Thursday we also got a girl ready for baptism. On Saturday we had an interview for her, and had to help with an activity. Sunday at church I went to go get the font ready, (right now in Brazil, it's really cool. It is their winter season, so it's really cold.) the water was freezing, like I could barley move. I thought I was going to turn into ice. I dressed in white and baptized the girl. I cannot tell you have amazing that felt. There aren't words for what I felt... I helped someone come closer to Christ. The spirit was so strong. We had 2 new investigators there. After the baptism they said they felt something that they had never felt before. They wanted to know more, so we marked some lessons with them. This church is so true, I know it. I didn't see angels, I didn't hear the lords voice, I didn't have a vision, but I feel it in my heart that it is true. This church is the true church on the earth, there is nothing more I need to say. This week has been crazy, but it ended on a moment that I will never forget. This mission is changing my life. After the baptism we had a lunch with a sister of the ward, she is older. We had to walk with her to her house, a 45 min walk. She doesn't have a lot of money, she lives in humble home far away, but she has not missed a Sunday yet. She walks 45 min to church and back every Sunday. The faith of some of these members is unreal. We had the normal rice beans and meat. She had the bit fruit salad on the table, and I thought that it was yogurt on it. I knew it was going to be amazing, so I put a lot on my plate. After I took one bite, I realized that the white stuff was mayonnaise with fruit. I had to eat all of it on my plate. I thought I was going to die, never before had I tasted something so weird, but that's just part of the memories. This week has been wild, and I will say that I am worn out, and really tired, but that's all part of it.

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Thankful for those who feed my son

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