Sunday, July 27, 2014

June 30, 2014

This week has been a lot slower, and I have had a chance to catch my breath. Thank goodness. To start, I went to one of my recent baptismal converts and was talking with him. When he stopped me and said "because of what you and Elder H. did with my life, showing me the gospel and everything. I want to serve a mission and be like you." I just sat back in shock, here a young man of 17 years wants to serve a mission. He has been a member of only 4 months, and he wants to help people and share the gospel. It's crazy, because I served a mission and helped him, he's going to go on a mission and bring more people to the truth. This moment is worth 1000 doors slammed in my face, and all the challenges I have had. The next day we went to a park, wow, was it so beautiful. We talked to people, sat on the grass and read the Book of Mormon. What a great day to remember. On Wednesday we had a lesson with this girl, she has had 20 different missionaries pass her house. and not one was able to teach her, but for the first time she let us come and teach her. The Lord has a plan for each one of us, and today was her day to hear the gospel, On Saturday we had a big party with the ward. We played games, ate, and had crazy fun. There was a ton of friends and new members. Sunday was a normal day. Monday was transfers my companion and I got a call that we would both be staying in Tatuape for another transfer. This will be my 4th transfer here, this is all part of it.

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