Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aug 25, 2014
Well this week was a crazy one, like every other week Tuesday was normal, we had a few lessons, and just had a normal long day, oh and note every day this week I got up by 630 and went to this park with the other missionary in my house to play basketball and soccer. Wednesday was really good, we went on splits with the youth, and found like 6 people to teach, which was cool, because it’s hard to find people. Thursday we started our day, but we had to go to the stake center and clean up the building because we had the conferencia of the mission. That night we stayed at a different elders house and we stayed up late eating açai and talking about the mission. We didn’t go to bed until like about 4 in the morning.. and got up at 530 so that we could open the church. Everyone was there, President said that he is leaving in a few weeks, and that the mission is over for them. They gave some talks and gave us presents and just had a last good bye. That was a little sad, but now we get a new president. Then that night I stayed with elder Freitas and we taught a lesson the next day and then went to this members house and gave a blessing. I was asked to give it in Portuguese. Saturday we went to lunch but the irma gave is the wrong address so we walked for an hour trying to find this house, until we saw the son and he helped us to the house, and then we walked to visit some different people and yeah we walked all day for 4 hours in the hot sun... burning.... yeah I got sunburned... and got lost.. and yeah it was stressful... oh and to top it off we only have hills in our area...... wow was i so tired. We then went to the church and had an activity which was really fun with the youth. Sunday was good, we went and picked up some people for church and then just went to the classes, at the end of church we were getting ready to leave and a irma grab my arm, shes like 80 and asked for a blessing. Igrabbed my comp and we went to the other room, and we talked with her, and then my comp said that he didn’t fell like he should give the prayer part so I did. I started out speaking some things, and then I stopped and the spirit took over. I said things I didn’t know about, and the Irma started to cry and so did I. This blessing was amazing. I felt the power of god, and the Holy Ghost in the room. There are not words that I can say to describe what I felt. Wow this church is so true, after the blessing the irma came to me and was like I didn’t tell you everything, but you answered questions in my heart. You truly are a servant of god, and where ever your mom and dad are, they are proud of you. You have a gift, and you just helped me. Wow this was so amazing, it’s crazy how many blessing I have already given. Each time it still surprises me how amazing it is, and how I feel doing it. If there is one thing I can say, always be ready because you never know where you will be called on. Be ready and worthy to serve.
Last conference with Mission President
Getting Lost

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