Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sept 1, 2014
Hey Family,
This week was a good and busy week. Every day had me running from one end of the city to the other. My best two days were Friday and Saturday. We have been working with this member Petterson who is 22. He is a returned missionary, and he’s just a bro. He played pro soccer for about a year, then got hurt, so he decided to back out, he could have kept playing, but he wanted to live a different life. We worked with him a ton, he has taught me so much, he has taught me a new way to work with our investigators, he also teaches with such great power, and when he bares his testimony it’s like the world stops moving and listens to him speak. He makes friends with everyone. He is a great friend, and I would have to say my best friend I have met. He is so funny, so both of those days we worked really hard, and taught a ton of lessons. On Saturday we taught 7 lessons, and marked 3 people for baptism. Wow, we worked hard, On Sunday we had 10 people in church, that is so many people, Ii was running from one end of the church to the other, trying to get everyone in classes and trying to grab members to become friends with them. It went really well, we work super hard. I have never worked so hard before, we have a great pool of investigators, and I hope that we will have a bunch of baptisms. Also this week I was asked to give 4 more blessings.... wow I don’t know what it is, but I feel that I am an instrument in the lords hands. The blessing this week were so powerful (talk about a testimony builder)., and doing it in Portuguese is so cool. These are things I will never forget. This week was good, on Sunday night I did get a little sick, my body is just hurting... but hopefully it will pass. Have a great week and keep working hard.
P.S. We have our new mission Presidents. He came this week and is an American. He is one of the 70 in this area. He is cool, we will have interviews with him next week. He will be here for 11 months and then we are going to get another one. That means I will have 3 Presidents on my mission. There are some elders who will have 4. It is crazy how fast time is flying.
New Mission President

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