Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sept 8, 2014
Hey Family, yet another week has passed…haha it goes so fast.
My week started with paintballing with the guys in my zone. It was so much fun and crazy. I have a bunch of good welts, but it was really fun. Tuesday had me in cidade slavador, we had 4 lessons there. We were helping everyone get ready for baptism. Wednesday and Thursday were just normal days we worked hard and taught some lessons. On Thursday we made lunch, so me and the other American we made lunch for us. It came out really good, I made this chicken thing, rice beans and I even made a cake. It all came out really well. Friday had me going on a divisão with a different elder, we went to this one house to talk about his baptism, when we got there, the other elder was like almost forcing the guy... and that’s when he snapped... he got up and started yelling at us, saying that all we want to do is throw him in the water, and he was so mad, he said that he was never going to church, and his wife couldn’t go anymore either. He walked over in to the other room, and the wife started crying and said look what you have done I can’t go to church now. The guy came back with a bottle of wine or beer, and said “look what you did, you made me become the man that I am not”, and he drank it right in front of us. The Elder was still trying to talk with him and the guy threw the bottle on the ground the glass went flying everywhere, I even got cut and started bleeding. I stood up, and I looked right in to the man’s eyes, and he looked at me, and then I started to speak, I spoke with the authority of the Lord, and I said things that I didn’t know before, I spoke with power, and I didn’t move. He then sat down and started to cry, a grown man was crying. I spoke with the guy, and I talked with him for 3 hours, I helped him with his fears, I answered his questions, and I helped him feel better. I then marked him for baptism, and he accepted and in one week he will be baptized. In the end he was asking for forgiveness of me. I told him don’t ask me forgiveness ask the lord, I am as weak as you. I am only human. I had him say the last prayer... wow the words he said we so sweet, something you only hear once in a life time. He cried and I cried with him. We left and the spirit was so strong, he looked at me and said come back any time. He had a change of life in 3 hours, and my life change also. So yeah every day after I have called him, I check on him but he is firm. He has had a change of heart. Saturday had me teach this kid Robert... wow he is so cool, we taught him about missions and being the example for his friends, and he started crying, and wow he is such a cool kid. He is 18 years old and he is so ready to go on a mission. Sunday came, and it had me in the waters baptising joão, he is a great investigator. He has been investigating the church for 3 months before I came to the area. When I came here we talked and he just wasn’t sure he was ready and that when I learned that he had lost some of his kids in a car accident. I talked with him about the temple, and told him that he can see them again. He cried so much. He didn’t believe he could see his kids again, but I bore my testimony and he just cried. He wanted to be baptized and go to the temple with his wife and be sealed to his kids for all eternity. So this Sunday I helped him make his first steps to get back to heaven and his family. Sunday night we had churrasco which was amazing. This has been a crazy week. I love you my familia, I hope all is well EU TE AMO VOCES
P.S. I forgot to tell you I gave another blessing this week.

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