Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

Hey Family,
So this week had me running pretty fast. Monday we had a zone activity and we played games and watched some movies, we ended up having a water fight which was super fun, but I didn’t have any more cloths so yeah I went home super wet. Tuesday had me in cidade slavador trying to get some people ready for baptism, we got them firmed for next week, and then I taught a few lessons, Wednesday was super fun, elder honey in my house, now has a year in brazil, so we had a party... we made cake and got drinks and hung out. Thursday had me teaching a bunch of lessons and doing a service project, helping this family clean a little bit. Friday I got sent to another area to do a divisâo which was really fun. I have been working a lot in this area and I have a ton of people there that I am teaching. We were able to give two more blessing this week and able to firm up two people for baptism this Sunday which was super cool. That night we made cookies like homemade cookies and they came out so good, wow I loved them. Saturday morning we had a service project at a members house, we broke down a wall and some doors, it was so much fun, we had hammers and were just going at it haha. Later that day it rained a ton, and we had a ton of lessons to teach, so we had to run from lesson to lesson, I bet it would be so funny to see two young men in white shirts and ties running in the rain. That was a long day. I then went back to my area. Sunday was long, after church we had to help set up for activity that night. We then got a call about transfers, so I am staying in my area and with my comp. We are going to work hard and try to do more work. This week was good, but no crazy stories, but we had a ton of fun,

Elder Freitas a Year in Brazil

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