Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sept 15, 2014
Família, I love you guys so much,
This week was as crazy as ever. Seems like my life is getting even more busy every week, Tuesday found me with elder Honey, we were in my area. I got the feeling that we needed to visit, this one new member. I didn’t know why, and it was way out of our way, but I went with the hit, and went. Well it took us an hour of walking to get there but it was so worth it. We found out that this new member had done something to his back and couldn’t leave his house, and that his phone was broken, and he couldn’t call anyone. We did some shopping for him and we even helped him make some lunch, then we gave him a blessing, to give him more strength. We then got a call to go to another member’s house to give another blessing, so we run to that house and we gave the kid a blessing. We then ended up teaching some more lessons, and then headed home. Wednesday was normal, had some lessons then kind of relaxed. Oh and on Thursday we got a person ready for a baptism. This weekend, on Friday we had a meeting with a new president. Well first of he is so cool, he is super smart, and I know that he was called, to make some changes and to help us out. I am really excited for this. Then I went on a divisão with Elder Ferro, that night we taught a ton of people and we even got to find 3 new people to go to church on Sunday. That night we had family night which was awesome; everyone was excited to be there. The next day we got up early and had a service project which was hard but fun. I was still with elder Ferro and we worked really hard, we were able to give 2 more blessing and teach some people. Wow, I love teaching, it’s so much fun, and it’s so cool to explain about the church and how it all came to pass. That night we had dinner, which was amazing and perfect, we then got a call that I would be staying one more day. It has been over 3 days that I haven’t been in my area. Sunday I went to church in the other ward, and I got to bring all the people that I meet that week to church. We had 6 new people in church, what a great day. After church we all went to eat lunch and then everyone went to my house. We had 10 elders in my house that night, and wow was it crazy, it ended up being a big slumber party. Half way through the night someone started a war, and yeah we didn’t get any sleep, but that’s normal, and today we are going to have a pday as a zone, which should be fun. This week has been crazy but fun. I also had another baptism in my ward, so there you go saving more soul.

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