Friday, January 29, 2016

January 4, 2016

Well another week has come to an end. I won't lie my body is broken...... i am super tired. This week as everyone knows was news years, and yes we had a few problems to take care of. But after that the week went by super well, it was a great week. I was also given the ability to teach another wonderful family.. i won't lie i will miss this part of the mission.. teaching people about the church, and how it can change their life. well i am coming to the end of my mission and i won't lie, i don't feel like writing much any more.. like i am ready to tell stories and everything.. but after that. i don't want to write any more.. today was cool we had a meeting with the presidente. which was really good but also super hard.. because we had many things we needed to decided. after we went to a restaurant that has mexican food, and wow it was amazing.. i am super poor right now, but so worth it.. but yeah that was my week. i am tired, and my body is broken.. but that's life this week like last week i will be traveling a ton.. we are have meetings with all the leaders of the mission and making sure that their areas are in good shape. Love you all only 4 more weeks

love you with all my heart

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