Sunday, January 11, 2015

November 17, 2014
This week was a good week. There is not much to say, but that I was able to help a lot of people. I had the great privilege to give 18 different blessing. This week was not a week of finding new people, it was a week of helping everyone in my path. I was the answer to peoples prayers. I was told that they were about to give up, and throw the bag in, but I showed up with angels behind me. I was given the words to say to help and comfort. I was able to share with people why I am here, and what I find my joy in. This week was a test of testimony and where I stand. On Sunday we were able to hear one of the stake leaders speak. He spoke about us as missionaries, and how we need to have deep roots and strong testimonies, because we are heading into the biggest storm yet. We need to know where we stand and what we believe in. Just always remember that we are sons and daughters of god, and that he loves us, and wants us to be the best we can be. I love you mom.
We went to Sao Paulo and to 25 ge março.. which is like Chinatown in NY, so it was sweet. I also spend the day with my best bud Elder Larson, so yeah it was a wild day.

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