Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 11, 2015


Well yet again another week has passed. I will have to say that theses weeks seem to be flying. But the experiences of this mission are making this worth it. So where to start, Monday found me in the hospital for my companion. He was bitten by something and had a bad reaction. We were there trying to take care of him, it came to a point that he couldn't walk, so I carried him to our things, how weird would that look, two guys in white shirt and ties, one carrying the other. Tuesday was a slower day so that he could stay off his feet. We had a lesson that was amazing with Clintita, she is 18 years old and has a child who is 4 years, this happens a lot here. Every day I see this and it kills me because they are so young, and not ready. She is ready for the gospel and it can help her a lot. Wednesday I went to Karlas house, she got baptized this weekend, we went over and I made pancakes with maple syrup. Everyone loved it. Thursday we were super busy, we went to this one house, and we were talking with the family, one of the family members said. "I can't wait until church, I am counting down the hours, why can't it be right now." I stopped and thought about that, am I this excited for church? I asked her why she was so excited and she said, "that the feeling that she has when she is at church is one of happiness and joy, she wants to feel the love of Christ". I couldn't believe it. Here I am counting the time for church to end, or not wanting it to come, when I should be wanting church, I should be excited for the small of amount of time that is given each week for church. The question is, are you excited for church and do you go to grow and want to learn and feel the spirit, or do you go because you have to or when you are there do you count the time for it to end? Friday and Saturday I was with the PA and the ZL for the day helping out in other areas. Sunday was amazing I was excited for church and we had another baptism, During the baptism I asked Karla why she was crying, she said "she has never felt so happy in her life for doing the right thing, but was sad because her mom went to the beach instead of coming to watch her daughter get baptized." This made me sad, but in the end she was happy because you became clean as snow, like a new born child without any sin. She followed her savior Jesus Christ and got baptized. This church is so true, it's why I am here to grow and to become a man of god, to share his love with the world.

Elder Homer

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