Sunday, January 11, 2015

November 24, 2014
Hey Mom,
So where do I start this week… Tuesday had me giving a talk in Portuguese in front of 100 missionaries. So that was wild, but went well. I am slowly getting off the fear of talking in front of people, it is still a great fear but it’s a start. The rest of the day we worked hard and taught some great lessons. Wednesday was a more relaxing day for me. I was able to see and help out some friends and help them keep the faith. Thursday I was with Elder Freitas, and the day was wild. We meet some people who have a really bad history but maybe we can help them change. One of them has killed some people, and the other is a drug handler.... wow it sounds worse than it was. They seemed like change people, and maybe we can help them find Christ. That night as I was walking home I got hit by a motorcycle. I was left with some deep wounds and burns. It was an accident, it was raining hard, and he slipped going too fast and slipped into me. Friday had me sour, but I kept the energy going. At a lesson, there was dog who attacked my comp so I jumped in front, and the dog ripped my shirt open and cut my arm. S0 we left and of course it was raining and my shirt is ripped opened, just made my day that much better. That night we went to this one family that we are teaching, and at the end the little daughter asked if she could say the prayer. So in her prayers, she said (I love the missionaries, lord let them find more good people ,but let them come to my house more , because I love them and when they are here I feel happy) Here is a 6 year old girl who brought tears to my eyes. The rest of the week was good. Sunday we ate so much food and almost died, because we were so full. One thing I learned is that (a lot of time does not mean forever, it only seems like it.) we need to know that everything hard in our life will pass, and that with time you can become better, and if you want anything in life you have to work for it, and even though it will be hard, it will be worth it. Love you mom, and I miss you more than you know. Keep going strong it is all worth it in the end.

Missionaries who have eaten way to much!

Fun on P-DAY

Our good friends the Kent's sent Dalton Life cereal, he was so excited he took a picture.

Yuck, I think I like where I live.

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