Sunday, January 11, 2015

December 22, 2014

Hey, where do I start. This week has been so crazy, I have been trying to keep myself together. To start off I got a new companion. He is super sweet and we are already best friends. We are doing some crazy work here. We are helping so many people get ready for baptism and it has been so crazy to see the blessings that are coming. I am seeing the gospel change people’s lives. I am so glad I took two years of my life to serve in Brazil. The church is so true and I wish you could meet all the people that I have helped. I have changed people’s lives, or really the Lord Jesus Christ has changed people’s lives. This gospel is so true and if you want to have peace happiness and joy in your life, than follow Jesus the only perfect man on the earth. So this week a explosion blew up as I walked around a corner. I fell to the ground and got cut up. I lost my hearing for 3 days, it is finally starting to come back. I went to the hospital and all that the doctor said was I would be fine, but it would take another week for my hearing to go back to normal and working 100%. Not much to say, it is almost Christmas. Remember why we have Christmas and enjoy it with the best people, (that is our family). Merry Christmas!

Elder Homer

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