Sunday, June 21, 2015

April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Well to start this week I went to the office and I picked up my son, Elder De Jesus. He is amazing, you don't have an idea. He is me, but from Brazil. He super cool, and we get along really well. This week we worked are butts off and I am really tired. We are trying to show the Lord that we doing his WILL and that we want to help people get baptized and become part of the church. We are working hard running from one end of our area to the other. This week was super cool because we had pizza 3 nights in a row. We were being blessed by the Lord in so many ways. We need to keep working and looking for people. My son is a really good speaker and super funny, he is always making my laugh. This week has been the best week of work for me. I have never worked so hard trying to do the right things and setting the example. It is so cool how the Lord knows what we need to do to become better. I am so grateful for everything that I have. So this week we worked a ton, and are having fun doing the work. I won't lie I am tired but there's a new fire in my bones that is keeping me going. Remember that we only have one life and there is no time to be sad or mad, there is only time to be happy.
( you cannot change the beginning, but you can change the end... so in this moment decided who you want to be )

Dalton's New Companion or "SON", or as he says the Brazilian form of him!

Work, Work, Work


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