Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

OI family, how's life... this week was crazy

So to start this week we played basketball with some new members, new people and less actives... which was really fun we played and of course I was on fire, I didn't miss and I was going crazy. Of course because we walk every were my legs are a lot stronger. I kind of dunked on the guy, but that's life. During the game someone passed the ball and I didn't see and the same time I got hit by a ball and a elbow and yeah broke a tooth. Wow did that hurt. This week we worked really hard and I mean hard, we were running from one end to another. This week I will be doing a three ward activity, because I am sick of my elders complaining that they don't have references. I am going to do an activity to help them al. We found some new families that we are teaching, which I hope will join the church. We had a few family nights which turned out amazing. I loved them. It's fun to see true happiness in the eyes of people. We also were invited to be part of a family party, it was birthday party. A tradition is that the person who is having the birthday gives out the first 4 pieces of the cake.. and the fist and the seconded are normally to family, mom or dad but the kid gave the first and the second to me and elder de jesus, like what, but it was sweet. I am loved!

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