Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey Mother and Family

So where to start. Last week I was able to go to the big zoo in Sao Paulo which was awesome. They have some pretty cool animals which was sweet. We went with are new friend Waldir who was baptized 3 weeks ago. He shows us around and we get to see and do a ton of things. of course this week was super long and we had a million things to do. I couldn't believe that we were able to get all the work done. The lord really does have a hand in the work. We had the chance to play some basketball on Tuesday which turned out super fun. I may not play really well in the U.S., but here in brazil I am like a god............ hahahaha. We also had pizza with some members which was amazing I really do love pizza. On Wednesday we found a new family of 6 people who loved what we had to say and were super excited to have us come back. On Saturday we had to help someone move. They were not ready, we went into the house put everything in bags and whatever things we could find.. We put it in a few cars and then took it all out. No one was prepared and it was a pain.... and there was like no one there... it really reminded me of the moves back home... When I move, everything will be ready and it will e super fast.... Sunday was yet just another good day, we were to get a lot of work done. Oh and just to gives a heads up, I will stay with my son for another 6 weeks.... so lets' get to work.

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