Saturday, December 5, 2015

August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015
Well yet another week has passed. To start the week we had the assistants to the president with us. They are super cool, we worked a ton, I mean a ton. We walked all over and during the week we also work a ton. It seems like every day we have a ton to do. I am super tired but that's life. One sad note is that lunch fell through like every day. It was super funny, because we would bet things if lunched would fall through or not. We were able to meet some really cool people this week. We taught Jennifer and her family. They are super cool and they loved what we had to say. This is the type of family that you want to find on the mission. It is the type of family that you will never forget. This mission really is a good thing. It has helped me grow a ton and to top it off I am learning what I want for my life. I am learning what is important. It seems like the mission has helped me more then I have helped other people. The mission helps me first bring my soul to Christ and then others. It is a blessing that I am serving a mission. Ilove you all so much.

Have an amazing week !

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