Saturday, December 5, 2015

November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Well as always I don't have much time, sorry. Let's get going, so my life is passing by so fast. I only have 10 weeks left, and today I got my airplane ticket.. That's scary. This week we had a ton of problems to take care of. This week was a great learning time because I learned more of what it takes to help a ward grow. First on Saturday we had a wedding that we went to, and wow it was beautiful. We helped out and then we were able to baptize them, which was even better. There were so many people and we took a ton of pictures. I love the mission because the man after he was baptized, he talked about how he got to know the church and thanks the missionaries for everything. It was so beautiful, we really work miracles here. It makes me so happy. Sunday we had meetings at 630 in the morning, then church, then lunch and then we did splits with the ward to visit people. We didn't finish until10 at night. It made me super tired but was so worth it, because I saw the miracles that were happening when we visited these people. I now know that it is important to always do your visits in the ward, because this is one of the ways that the lord uses us to do miracles. I love this church and I love this work. There is nothing better than this. I'm not sure I want to go home yet. I love the mission, it is hard and it hurts but fun, and you see miracles every day, that is what makes is so special.

love you all

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