Saturday, December 5, 2015

September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Mother and Family,

Wow life seems like a never ending battle. There is only 18 more weeks on my mission and then I will be home. I am scared to come home. I don't know what I will do and who I will be. My life has been this for two years, and in 18 weeks everything will change. This week was really hard for me. I fought a ton to keep my head up and a smile on my face. Looks like the closer I get to the end, the harder my life is, the more I have to work. I am not the perfect elder but I am trying to become something better. I have learned in where I get my strength, and that everything that I have done was not me but the lord. It is only through him I could have done the things I have done and say the things that I have said. He has loved us so much that he sent his son, that carried that cross, to save every one of us. It is through his blood and his love we are able to overcome whatever challenge that shows up in are life. He gave us hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and it is possible to find happiness in our lives. This mission has showed me where my power and will comes from, I know that there will always be challenges and setbacks, but we can't let this make us sad or think that all is lost, because tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to become better, wiser, and happier. I have suffered a lot, but I have also seen the joy and the happiness that this life can offer. The next question is do you think you have become who you truly can be. for we are all sons and daughters of god, the almighty and powerful, the all loving. His only dream is that we become happy and that we choose to live with him once more forever. I am weak in the eyes of men but in the eyes of god, there is nothing that I cannot do. All we need is faith and hope, faith like a child without doubt and hope that Tomorrow will be a better then today. God loves you, always remember that, and never forget who you are.

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