Saturday, December 5, 2015

October 6, 2015

Hey família

so where to start yesterday was a really busy day. and dident give me time to use the CP, but here i am, this week was a good week, went by super fast, every day we had to travel and we had a ton of mettings. We meet a new familia this week that we got to know and were able to bring to church, it was cool, this weekend was amazing seems like the lord what i need to hear, so i found a frase that i believe is really cool that talks about every single one of us

the most beautiful people are thoes who have know defeat, know suffering, know struggle, know loss, and have found their way out of these depth. these persons have an apprecation, and sensitivity, and an ubderstanding of life. that fills them with compassion, gentelness, and deeploving concern, beautiful people dont happen, they are made

I dont want to come home but at the same time i want to come home, the mission is so hrad, but what you gain from it is worth all the soffering and pain. because you learn so much and understand life, and now i know who i am and what i need to do with my life, its hard to exsplane, but life is full of adventures that leave a smile on your face, every day we must try to become some thing better, we must look for the little things that we can change to become better. yes i miss my familia more then any thing, Mom dad D2 D3 D4 yes, i would love you hear and now, but i dont want to let go of the mission, seems like i have found my place now, i am not the best missnary there is, i dont speak the best and i dont teach the best, but every day i learn, and the lord knows who i can become, and he will help me become some more then i can imagen. because hes god, this week i heard some thing cool in portuguese and so here it is in english
I know god will never give me anything i cant handle, i just wish he dident trust me so much.
so to end this week i love you guys so much and to end with one more quote

true nobility isnt about being better then someone else. its about being better then you used to be.

this week try to become some thing better become who god wants you to be!!!!!!

i love you all so much and i cant wait to see you guys 17 weeks its going to go by fast, stay strong, and become you know you are. also my scriptur of the week is Matthew 11:28

TE amo

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